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3 Mistakes That Will Create Data Loss In A Network

In the workplace, there’s no doubt that it’s always important to keep your data protected. The funny thing is that protecting sensitive information in the business world isn’t that difficult, but many companies neglect to do so.

Why is that? One of the reasons is due to a laid back attitude.

In fact, this is especially common among small businesses.

They may feel unexpected disasters won’t happen to them, and that these incidents are usually restricted to larger businesses. Especially when dealing with the threat of hackers and cyber criminals.

However, this is a huge misconception. In fact, it’s this kind of attitude that makes them such a common target in the first place.

Not to mention data loss and disaster recovery may be very difficult since they were unprepared, to begin with. With that said, as important as it is to protect your business from hackers, you also need to be aware of other disasters that can occur in the workplace.

It’s one thing to be too relaxed, but it’s another to assume a loss of info only depends on whether you get hacked or not. What are some other common disasters in the workplace, and how should they be dealt with? Here are a few things to consider.

1. Power Outages Can Create Data Loss In A Network

Disasters in the workplace are often very unexpected, with power outages being a prime example of this. Of course, though, these power failures happen for a variety of different reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to bad weather outside, and often, it’s also because of problems within the building itself.

For example, the company might have an issue with faulty wiring. While a power failure in the business can’t always be prevented, what’s the best way to keep your data safe during these incidents?

First of all, always make sure your data’s stored anywhere except your device’s hard drive. Purchase a flash drive, and most of all, use cloud backup services as well. With both of these solutions in place, your data will be kept safe.

For example, cloud computing means that all of your data is stored on the World Wide Web and that it’s accessible from any device with Internet connection. Even during the event of a power outage, you’d still be able to access your info if you had a mobile device, for example.

2. Careless Mistakes Can Create Data Loss In A Network

Many disasters in the workplace aren’t always due to some random power outage or even a natural disaster. More often than not, a lot of these incidents may be our fault entirely. There are plenty of careless mistakes in the workplace that can lead to disaster.

For example, let’s say one of your employees wasn’t knowledgeable of the dangers of cyberspace and fell victim when accidentally visiting the wrong website. However, there are plenty of careless mistakes you could make as well. What if you mistakenly deleted an important file that you had thought was no longer of value?

As another example, a cup of coffee may get spilled on the keyboard if it’s left too close to the computer. Make sure to educate your employees, double-check any files before deleting them, and set food/drink policies for the office.

3. Natural Disasters Can Create Data Loss In A Network

One of the most devastating incidents in the workplace is that of natural disasters. Aside from possibly experiencing a loss of data, it can impact the building itself as well.

However, these disasters are normally dependent on where the business is located. Not only should you backup your data off-site, but it’s also beneficial to have multiple buildings set up as a part of your business. Always check for weather patterns in your area, and set emergency procedures for your and your employees.

For more information about the importance of avoiding disasters that can occur in the workplace, feel free to contact us today at Springpoint. Springpoint provides outsourcing IT services and is an IT staffing agency operating in Oklahoma.

SpringPoint specializes in managed IT services and IT staffing placement. SpringPoint provides outsourcing IT services and is an IT staffing agency operating in Oklahoma.

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